It's competition time!

March 2018 flash prize draw

Over the weekend of 24/25 March we ran a competition which had four East Coast related questions. To enter the draw you needed to get each of the four questions right.

Question 1:

The answer is York. Many did mistake it for Newcastle.

Question 2:

The answer is CentrAle although we'd accept anything close to this.

Question 3:

The train was a Pendolino (Class 390). These were ads that covered both franchises so even the ads shown in East Coast areas used the Pendolino. A few people thought it was an Azuma.

Question 4:

It was a Mark 4 set with a Class 91 locomotive. So we'd accept Mark 4, Class 91, InterCity 225 (what they were branded as under British Rail) or Mallard (the name GNER used for the sets they refurbished with the blue seats). Both the Bound for Glory ads were shot on East Coast trains and were used to promote Virgin Trains services on both franchises


Winner will be announced soon. They will be notified by direct message.