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VTEC satisfaction - in Tweets

At Save East Coast Rewards we are in the odd situation where we don't think our train company (Virgin Trains East Coast) is the worst, in fact it is probably still one of the best, but satisfaction levels are declining. The reason for that is simple, over the past few months the on-board level of service has declined and the online experience has got significantly worse. Rather than just giving our views on the decline we're going to look at Tweets that have been sent to @Virgin_TrainsEC over the last few months.

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This article is just covering Tweets about the website.

On 1st August 2017 Virgin Trains East Coast launched a new booking engine. Although it had potential they released it feature incomplete removing features we've had for the last 10 years including the ability to change tickets online and book bike spaces on the trains.

We've written a lot on the subject already:

So what did you think?


You needed to re-register for the new site and supposedly within 24 hours your bookings from the old site would be transferred over. The bookings from the old site were just a read only view, it was not possible to make changes, cancellations or even view the full details (e.g. seat allocations) of bookings made on the old site.

As with a lot of things related to this new site, re-registration didn't go smoothly for many.

Changes to tickets

The new site does not currently support changing the date or time of advance tickets even though the terms and conditions say they're changable for a £10 admin fee. Their solution is to ask you to rebook the new tickets and then cancel the existing ones, despite the extra hassle you're still charged the £10 but it also means VTEC gets to hold onto the money for both tickets until the refunds are issued. This may make things difficult for people on a tight budget.

Web support call hold times

Due to the issues caused by the introduction of the new site before it was ready and feature complete there has been some long wait times to get through to web support


Making things harder for cyclists was always going to go down well! The old booking engine, launched in 2007, had the ability to book cycle reservations from day one. We reported the lack of cycle reservations when the site was open for beta testing back in June, it was launched in August and this feature has yet to make an appearance.


The Tweets above are in no way a complete list of complaints and is just a sample. If you think we've missed any out that are worth including please get in touch with us on Twitter @SaveECRewards.